Fundamental Care Standalone Critical Med

Life is full of surprises and we all do our best to prepare for them. This is especially true when dealing with a serious Illness, an Accident or a Hospitalization. Critical Med pays you or your hospital when you are surprised by any of these three. Critical Med pays in addition to any other coverage you have, including a HC212 Limited Med policy.

A lump sum payment when you are diagnosed with any of 10 critical illnesses, including Cancer or Heart Attack.
Reimbursement for up to $20,000 of in-hospital expenses due to an accident. 
A daily payment of $2,000 per day for up to 20 days a year of hospital confinement.

To pay for deductibles: As health insurance plans continue to rise so do copays and annual deductibles. Income protection: Critical Illness can cause you to miss work for treatment, hospitalization, or traveling to and from a specialist, resulting in a loss of income. Rather than wondering if you have enough ‘sick days’ to cover your treatments, Critical Illness coverage offers a financial safety net if you are unable to work. Rent/Mortgage protection: A serious illness doesn’t stop the bills from coming, especially your mortgage or rent. Reduce your worry with a Critical Illness program that will ensure your home payments are met. Retrofit a home or car: If you have suffered from a stroke or similar condition, you may have to make some necessary modifications to your home (a wheelchair ramp, bathroom adjustments, or widening of doorways). Rather than take out a second mortgage let Critical Illness assist you with these costs. 

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